Make profits identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs thanks to The Business Partners Marketing Management solutions.

Dedicated marketing experts provide you with the appropriate strategies and planning to exploit brand, product and services

marketing management, in order to reach desired customer segment in the market thus adding value to your business.

Business Review
Extensive Business Review which involves a complete assessment of your current business in terms of business overview, brand strategy, target audience, market overview, portfolio of products and services, unique selling proposition, key competitors, desired target audience response and mood and tone of marketing activities.
Corporate Identity and Branding
Corporate Brand development and optimization in order to improve marketing performance, growth, engagement and brand awareness. We provide strong brand identity development, brand strategy and message aligned with business objectives, memorable corporate or product logo, corporate website and standardised corporate templates.
Brand Audit and Management
Analysis of business's resource strengths, weaknesses, best market opportunities, outside threats, future profitability and its effectiveness and current position in an industry compared to existing competitors.
Marketing Strategy
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning assessment in order to identify resources and capabilities to compete for the segment's business, meeting customers' needs better than the competition in a profitable way. Marketing Strategy Development for a sustainable competitive advantage.
Implementation Planning
Marketing Plan development in order to maximize the revenues and profits of the company. Product and Marketing Mix management in order to execute the marketing strategy and achieve the business's objectives, building customer loyalty and brand equity among target customers.
Measurement & Control
Assessment on metrics and KPIs to measure and control progress against objectives, in order to ensure that the execution of marketing strategy achieves the desired objectives in a cost-efficient way. Digital Marketing and Measurement Model (DMMM) assessment to identify business objectives, goals, KPIs, targets and valuable segments for analysis.
Digital & Multichannel Marketing
Digital & Multichannel Marketing management to provide the set of activities that, through the use of digital and traditional tools, develop integrated marketing and communication campaigns, target-oriented and capable of generating measurable results that help the organization to identify and constantly map demand needs, facilitating exchanges in an innovative way, building an interactive relationship with customers that generates value over time.
Social Media Management
Social Media management in order to drive the social media presence of a brand, product and company, furthermore monitoring and measuring the overall impact of the implemented activities.

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Affidati a Professionisti Esperti e Partner affidabili con una pluriennale esperienza in azienda in ruoli di responsabilità ed in possesso dell'opportuno know-how sui mercati.

Scegli professionisti titolati con comprovata esperienza come Responsabili di Team Marketing e Finance, Project & Product Manager, Art Designer, Key Account & Sales Manager, Copywriter & Web Content Writer, Accountant, Specialisti in Risorse Umane e Rapporti di Lavoro.

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Scegli Professionisti Esperti e Partner Affidabili

Marketing, Communications and Sales

Responsabile di Team Marketing
Product Manager
Art Designer
Key Account & Sales Manager
Copywriter & Web Content Writer

Project Management
Cost Saving

Responsabile di Team Finance
Project Manager

Strategic Consultancy

Responsabili di Team Marketing e Finance
Project & Product Manager
Key Account & Sales Manager

HR and Labour Relations

Specialista in Risorse Umane
Specialista in Rapporti di Lavoro
Marketing Management
  • Business Review
  • Marketing & Operational Plan
  • Corporate Identity & Branding
  • Product & Multichannel Marketing
Integrated Communications
  • Advertising, Publicity and Promotion
  • Public Relations and Press Office
  • Copywriting and Content creation
  • Social Media Management
HR and Labour Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resources Function Efficiency
  • Total Rewards Strategy
  • Labour Relations
Project Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Project Definition & Planning
  • Project Launch & Execution
  • Performance & Control
Cost Saving
  • Spend Analysis & Target Setting
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Economic & Financial Organization
Strategic Consultancy
  • Resources Assessment
  • Market & Competitor analysis
  • Cost-Benefit & Trade-Off analysis
  • Product Strategy & KPIs analysis
Sales and Lead Generation
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Launch of Products & Services
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Lead Generation & Appointment setting


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    ABOUT USThe Business Partners
    The Business Partners is a management consulting company that provides Marketing Management, Integrated Communications, Project Management, Cost Saving, HR and Labour Relations, Strategic Consultancy, Sales and Lead Generation.
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    You can contact us by phone, e-mail and instant messaging. We'll back to you shortly.
    ABOUT USThe Business Partners
    The Business Partners is a management consulting company that provides Project Management, Cost Saving, Strategic Consultancy, Marketing Management, Sales & Lead Generation, HR and Legal services.
    The Business Partners locations
    GET IN TOUCHWe are also on
    You can contact us by phone, e-mail and instant messaging. We'll back to you shortly.

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    © The Business Partners – Consulenza e Formazione